Wyoming Certified Pool Operator Certification

Welcome to Wyoming Certified Pool Operator Certification (Wyoming CPO)

CHS inspectors are responsible for inspecting the over 300 public swimming pools/spas in the state.  There are 3 pool/spa categories:  General-use pools/spas, limited-use pools/spas and flow-thru pools/spas.  Pools/spas in the general-use category are those facilities that the general public can use.  Limited-use pools/spas are those facilities that are operated in connection with a companion facility such as a motel or club.  Both of these types of pools/spas use a system of filtration and automatic disinfection to maintain water quality.  Flow-thru pools/spas are located in areas where there are naturally occurring hot springs that provide the water for the pools/spas.  These pools/spas rely on the natural flow of water through them to maintain adequate water quality.  The water in the flow-thru pools/spas in Wyoming is not filtered and receives no disinfection.  As in the food establishment inspection frequencies, CHS inspectors risk assess the pools/spas to determine how often each pool/spa is inspected.  Each pool/spa is inspected at least one time per year.